Richard Hill
The Stoics had calm. Other’s swear by meditation. Me? I’ve bicycles ftw.

If ‘full-stack’* could be used to describe designers as well, that’d be a pretty good place for me to begin.

* Full what? Full 2 & 3d design skills, scaling from screens up to superstores.
From building brands to shaping spaces and places.
Soup to nuts, that’s what.
kworky workspaces
Unusual places to call home. Er, work.
onboard team-working app identity
Got the whole team on-board... you sure?
Lotus Cars
Global retail design guidelines
Millennium Brewing Co.
Packaging / self initiated NPD
Watts at the Westgate
EV Retail Showcase concept
Minoli Identity Refresh
60th Anniversary brand update
addly Database Identity
Making data fun and functional
Suzuki Cars retail experience
New retail graphics programme
Lotus Retail Signage
Start at unique and then add lightness
Noticebored? Then get involved!
Work can sometimes be all the reason you need
Sweary Postcards
Just saying what everyone's thinking...
Dizpachoes Mail Order Gazpacho
More fun self-generated sidelines...

Quick CV?

An inspiring and down-to-earth multi-disciplinary designer, ready with rolled-up sleeves and the means to show how great (and small) ideas can make all the difference to an organisation.

With exceptionally broad experience in agencies (to Board and senior management level) and with clients across the world (Europe, Middle East, India, the US and Japan) I’m able to offer counsel and inspiration for project teams whatever their size, composition or skillsets.

Creative Director
Meda Experience, Design and Architecture
Full-time ~ 2012 to Present
Creative Director
Lloyd Northover (London, Barcelona and Dubai offices)
Full time ~ 2008 - 2011
Design Strategy Director / Communication Consultant
Lloyd Northover (London, Barcelona and Dubai offices)
Full time ~ 2006 - 2008
Creative Director
MarketPlace Design Oxford and Barcelona
Full time ~ 1992 - 2006

Be grand to hear from you, or if I’ve left anything out :)

Will always try to get right back to you.

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