Lotus Cars

Driving the ’70 year old start-up’ into a new EV era
with a comprehensive series of global retail guidelines
for agents and distributors.
Project Overview
Have spent many of the last months of last year with huge push of updates to the original guidelines series for Lotus, and this little bag of joy was finally published online at the beginning of the new year.

The project was split into four core streams. First off, all the content needed revising and that meant jamming on a project management hat to organise all the information and drawings that needed revising, between the various authors and client stakeholders.

And then getting that underway and approved before flowing into the publications.Secondly, the overall page layouts all needed updating to harmonise with the latest round of brand identity rules - so typographic choices, settings, colour-sets and so forth.

Thirdly then, the interesting design bit, to update the covers. Which started off with some interesting directions, whittled down to a super-simple almost monochromatic and minimalist system, which needed to work across the 15+ documents (with more in the pipeline.)

Last thing was then to prepare all that lot and update the online library and push the update to the Global subscripts database of agents, retailers and distributors.
My contribution to this
Having helped secure the 16-way pitch, Lotus Cars represents the most successful client project for my current employer, with annual fee turnover since appointment into seven figures.

Day to day activity involves active design project counsel and delivery with the senior management team, the local market managers, approved suppliers and manufacturers and retailers.

Notable project achievements include the design of a unique global signage programme, the delivery of over 100 design schemes for the global retail network in six months, the development and maintenance of an online resources hub and guideline documents now in their sixth edition.
Project Overview
Design Lead, writer, designer and project manager
Completed January 2023
Richard has helped grow the design activity to include identity management, global signage design and direction, people development and learning strategy, guideline writing and design, guideline management and internal communications plus a host of diverse project design and management support across many aspects of the clients business.