Minoli Identity Refresh

A 60th anniversary for an SME is certainly something worth celebrating, and when the family that set it up is still successfully running it, even more so. I was so pleased to be able to help them with bringing the ident I created for them over a decade ago to the party.
Project Overview
To celebrate 60 years since incorporation, Minoli (who I designed the identity for some 12 years back) wanted to ring a few changes and refresh the identity and visual language.

The result is a subtle 'lean' into the future, with a redrawn logotype (gently re-spaced, with a 6 degree slant and some character redrawing), a new '60th' mark, colour palette and the Fontsmith Meridian font family.

In addition, I've provided creative direction for vehicle liveries, brochureware and typographic stylesheets, workwear and other graphic materials.
My contribution to this
Added to this, I defined a new marketing platform and tagline 'See beyond the surface' to re-capture the Minoli product and service attributes in marketing copy.

This is supported with a new visual language based on using the tiles more playfully in sculptural compositions.

The project, implemented by Minoli's in-house team, continues to be rolled out by a very happy client.
Project Overview
Design Lead, design direction, identity design, client counsel
Completed Summer 2020