Need Gazpacho?
Call Dizpachoes!

Well, why wouldn't you want chilled soup you didn't need to make, and be the HomeGourmand?
Project Overview
Commercial projects are great and all, but so many I've been working on have all been under NDA's - which I can't begin to say is a frustration and seems to be increasingly an aspect of the sector I'm working in.

Makes for hard time when it comes to sharing :(

So to unblock the impasse caused by the impediment I created a self-initiated project triggered by a knock-about conversation on what we have for lunch where I work - which happened to be the seasonally inappropriate soup in summer.
My contribution to this
Well, hot soup in the hot British summer anyway.

The idea was a simple slip-of-the-tongue, the mail-ordered chilled soup that could be dispatched - and so Dizppachos sprung to life.

It's completely made up but if you fancy launching the next Innocent for cold soup, hit me up :)
Project Overview
Originator, designer, writer, typesetter
Summer 2022
Chilled soup. Mmmmm