Lotus retail signage (or ‘C.I.’ as it’s called)

Every once in a decade comes an opportunity to do something amazing with what automotive brands call 'C.I.’ (a hangover from Corporate Identity - remember those?)
Never, ever, let a chance like that go by.
This is only the second (the other being Lexus) and I’m as old as rocks.
Project Overview
The new Pylon, alongside the new signage family (including the unique ‘Entrance Wayfinder’  featuring the Weave Pattern base, floating the mass of the sign on a delicate membrane) has been designed and engineered to nurture and sustain an historic brand as it transitions to an exciting new phase in its future.

November 2020 saw the official debut of the new Lotus Retail Signing programme, a striking new design direction for the automotive brand as part of a new retail and customer experience project for 2021 - and now moving to the final stages of global implementation in 2023
My contribution to this
My starting point for the creative direction was ‘how would Lotus (well, actually, how would I) go about designing a sign that clearly spoke to both an engineering experience and particular design philosophy?’

In effect, to pull away from the usual driver experience of the automotive sector, while pushing at the boundaries of engineering possibility?

Well, here’s one answer. From a small cardboard maquette to a sign for for the next several decades of the brand.
Project Overview
Creative director, design lead, signage designer, project adviser.
2020 and on-going
First launched at Lotus’ factory at Hethel in Norfolk in mid-2020, the clients set an ambitious plan to refresh the entire global network by the close of 2021. I created design schemes for close on 90 of the 140-odd sites. Close, and as close as they could have gotten given the challenges. The main thing though? You'll see the new signage from Arizona in the USA to New Zealand.