Well, hello

I’m Richard

and currently am Creative Director at independent experience, design and architecture agency in South Oxfordshire.
Current projects include 2 and 3d strategy and design consulting and counsel for global automotive, retail and internal b2b comms projects, including digital, point of sale, signage and wayfinding, environmental design, design and marketing guidelines.
Day-to-day responsibilities include communication and design strategy, creative and art direction, client liaison, project development and marketing (including business development), freelance resourcing and management, digital and print production, IT and software support.

Been around the block...

As a seasoned and widely-experienced senior creative, I’m a firm believer in - and can demonstrate - how to harness the transformational power of design in support of a brand and business’ aims. I’ve worked with clients as diverse as hypermarkets in India, super-brands in Europe,  manufacturers in the UK and a host of education, government, leisure and retailers.

Brand identity
Graphic design
Signage design
Retail design
Spacial design
Art direcion
Digital design
B2B comms
Training comms

...travelling with great people...

My work has supported multi-nationals (in the public and private sector) across continents, to inform, inspire and promote those aims to employees and with partners - through inspiring people-development programmes and extensive B2B / internal communications supported by suites of guidelines, off- and online tools and resources - and to customers and consumers by writing and crafting both virtual and physical campaigns across many media channels, including social, press advertising, and outdoor.

...and all manner of brands;

Previous posts he has held include roles spanning communication consultancy, brand strategy, creative strategy, creative direction and the management and delivery of multi-disciplinary design projects, bringing talented teams together who have gone on to start their own agencies.  While in those roles, and currently, he manages his time between writing, designing, client counsel and advocacy, and project management - including new business development; both towards securing new prospects, and nurturing and growing business with current clients including most recently Lotus, Volvo, Lexus, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Minoli, and Accendia.

Attributes and skills...

  • Experience in both multi disciplinary creative agency and large and small design studios, as well as previous in-house and in-client roles.  
  • Art direction and commissioning of photography and illustration first hand and via briefing of others and teams.  
  • A passion for the written and well and visual worlds, a (very, but keen) amateur illustrator and writer.
  • Able to deliver inspiring, informative and promotional creative for brands, from concept to delivery.  
  • Extensive planning, writing, designing and delivery of guidelines for local and global audiences.
  • A portfolio built around engaging conceptual ideas executed through two- and three-dimensional design from print to screen, apps to signage or packaging, environmental graphics to environments including interpretive and experiential.
  • Project-experienced to hit the ground running and able to ‘fly the plane while it’s still being built’ - maintaining the project or creative vision while remaining flexible and responsive to changes in stakeholder changes, demands, scope or opportunity.

...to mention a few;

  • Deeply connected to design in all its flavours and forms, especially when bringing its benefits to business.
  • Constantly in communication with clients, both ‘in-team’ and internal audiences at all levels and business functions, and with your ‘clients-clients’ - fulfilling the role of spokesperson or lead / stakeholder for a project’s aims and objectives.
  • Conversant with core Creative Cloud programmes, and additionally Dreamweaver, Webflow, Sketch, Sketch-Up, with a constant search and investigative approach to new platforms, apps and design tools.
  • Able to write business proposals, white papers, budget and budget forecasting, both within Excel, Word and Powerpoint as well as creating project planning, tracking and team collaboration with web-apps such as Team, Slack and Monday.
  • A restless imagination and exploratory mindset and boundless curiosity, enthusiasm and appetite for discover and learning, especially in how to shape and re-shape how others could see and grasp the future.

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