The Millennium Brewing Co.

Fun with new product development. Who doesn't like that?
Even if it's completely made up...
Project Overview
In another instalment of ‘Sidelines’ (or ‘things done to please myself’), this little exploration is a self-initiated idea set around an imaginary brewer - based in Greenwich, hence the reference to both the Prime Meridian and the circles referencing the Observatory clock - and a range of berry-infused hard seltzers. With the berries picked (sorry, chosen) from British allotment favourites and the wilder hedgerow varieties.
My contribution to this
The whole thing is a confection of my own making, from identity to typography and packaging design, as a playful attempt to relieve the usual day-job design project’s straitjacket, where I never get near this kind of work these days.

So, totally self-indulgent yes, and also fun-light relief. But fun at my own expense :)
Project Overview
Designer, writer, illustrator
Completed December 2022