Sweary Postcards - saying what we're all just thinking :)

The customer experience leads at Meda are constantly trying to understand how to sell the service and as a result, unearth all kinds of interesting facts about the discipline...
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...and in this case, that 80% of brands believe they smash customer service... ...but only 10% of customers agree. It's quite a statistic.

But like all statistics, a little dry if only used as a de-facto quote, however nicely typeset.
My contribution to this
My take on this was that, if I was a brand manager sinking all that time and money into customer’s to find out they thought I was wasting both, I’d be pretty annoyed. Hence the Sweary Postcards mailshot.

Pithy statements, elegantly foil-blocked, in a set of six. After all, if you’re going to lose you sh*t, you might as well do it in style.If anyone wants to turn this into an MVP (urgh. better an actual thing not some tech-bro nonsense) beyond the concept, do hit me up, as I think they say :)
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Originator, designer, writer, typesetter
Autumn 2022
We love you really :)