addly Database Identity

Project Overview
The need for an identity for it is, yes, questionable. But not for me.

Anything wort investing time in - and building a custom database, no small ask - surely deserves treating as a ‘proper’ design project.

And anyway, it’s good fun and good practice when actual gigs like this are as rare as rocking-horse’s here.
My contribution to this
So, addly (my naming idea) is based on the characterisation of the ubiquitous hashtag, which in the past (and certainly still, in places) is the stand-in symbol for ‘number’.

And as databases are all in the numbers, seemed like a gift.Likely as not the project will never see the light of day (given my experience of own-client ambitions.

As someone once remarked, their reach exceeds their grasp.) So rather than leave this ‘resting’ in a cloud-server older until 2024, I’m going to risk jumping the shark and airing it here.

The worst that can happen? Might actually get used.
Project Overview
Design Lead, design direction, identity design, client counsel
Completed October 2022
This is, admittedly, a self-generated project. The identity part that is. There is a project under development to create a new database product, but as a company project the question is ‘will it ever see the light of day?’