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A is for antioxidents

Or rather, anti-oxidents? As if to underscore that too much of a good thing really can be bad, antioxidents (such as Vitamin E) can actually promote cancer - hence this DIN (originated in 1923 by Stempel, the first type foundry that produced printing types according to a DIN Standard and then developed In 1995 by Dutch typeface designer Albert-Jan Pool) warning.

Don't forget to grab the editable eps and use the character for your project, or smash it up and send me a copy back. The edit's I'll feature here as a changelog to track its development.

  • Name: A is for antioxidents
  • Date: 09.02.14
  • Font: Stempel Type Foundry, 1923, and Albert-Jan Pool
  • Download: Get the editable eps here

Letter A
A is for antioxidents