The Letterpress

An Alphabet Diary

A, B, C what happens?

Big words have little words
That nest inside their meaning,
And little words have lesser still
And so end up just lettering.

Thanks to English mathematician Lewis Fry Richardson, a pioneer of turbulence theory, in a 1922 poem indebted to Jonathan Swift, for the inspiration.

The Letterpress diary has two purposes. Firstly I wanted a space to gather small-scale design exercises, the kind of cutting-mat edits and spare-moment experiments, as a digital scrap-book - but not just another instagram-posting instagram-same-same moment. Plus I stumbled on the excellent Hawthorne template, so had another excuse to flex my coding knowledge.

More importantly, I wanted to try and create a set of assets that others could pick-up and edit. The idea of a mutable record of changes - a meta-diary - seemed really appealing. Especially as an exercise that tested ideas about author/reader/user in the design process.

Please take advantage of the assets here and mail a copy (link, file, whichever) of the results for me to upload.

All the work here, subject to any license stipulated by the font's designers, are free for you to push further. I'll always do my best to credit the original work but if there is something here you made and you're not happy, let me know right away and I'll take it down. This project was developed in good faith as an experiment and not for my own commercial ends.

Go edit!