Composites? Eh?

I've been making small collages and artworks for 30 years, mostly as a sideline.
I've always come back to them, despite there being months between making them, not for any particular reason - other than I simply like putting them together. Being self-initiated, there's no great story to most of them, apart from the ones dedicated to a specific anniversary or celebration. More often than not, those end up being cards and I don't have them. The format's are pretty much always determined by the materials to hand. Could be an old box, a flint, some paper from a broken catalogue, a piece of pottery...
Whatever, they're a really nice pressure-release valve and, funnily enough, help me with the day job - they're just as much an exercise in practical composition as the graphic design projects.

Commission me?

Richard Hill
Little Cotham
Oxfordshire, England.

0044 (0)7896 47 60 77

Get In Touch.

While Composites has been a fairly singular, personal pursuit, I'm happy to talk about commissions for editorial, book covers, music-related collateral, or any kind of use you can think of. If you've a brief, or just want to discuss or work one out, drop me a line. If you're interested in purchasing some of the Composites (not all are for sale), let's negotiate...

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